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Credit Card

In today’s world there is no need to carry lot of cash in your wallet. Plastic money widely known as Credit Card is the best alternative and widely acceptable in shops, malls, etc. Other than the substitute to your cash Credit card comes with many rewards when you spend money from your Credit card.

Looking at huge demand of Credit Card due to demonetization there are many leading bank offering Credit card with varieties of benefits like reward schemes, getting points, coupons, etc.

There are various credit cards offered by various leading bank which includes credit card for fuel, credit card for student, credit card for women, credit card for business, credit card for travelling abroad and etc.

How the credit card is different from the debit card. When you use debit card to make any purchase, it directly debit money from your bank account. While in credit card you spend the money you borrowed from the card which requires you to pay back after few days from the time you purchased. In other words, you get more time to pay back for the purchase you made through credit card.

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